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Thank you for your interest in Moss Stabilized ImmunoAssay Reagents.  To receive more details on Moss products simply complete and submit this form, or call us.

Moss Headquarters
Toll Free: (800) 932-6677
Direct: (410) 768-3442
Fax: (410) 768-3971
Sales and Marketing
Direct: (650) 343-4595
Fax: (650) 343-8420
Direct Mail
Moss Inc.
P.O. Box 189
Pasadena, Maryland
To receive more information, or to discuss your requirements with a Moss representative, please completely fill in all of the fields below.  Make sure your name, email address, phone number and busines address are correctly provided so that we can quickly get you the information you need!

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Liquid Stable HRP Substrates (Soluble Substrates)
 TMB-HK (2.5 mmol/L)
 TMB-US (2.08 mmol/L)
 TMB-E (1.25 mmol/L)
 TMB-HK Diluent
 TMB-S (1.56 mmol/L)
 ABTS (1.46 mmol/L)
Chemiluminescent Substrate for Peroxidase-based assays
 ChemiHRP-100 (100 ml)
 ChemiHRP-500 (500 ml)
 ChemiHRP-1000 (1000 ml)
Liquid Stable HRP Substrates (Insoluble Substrates)
 TMB-M (1.25 mmol/L)
 TMB-MX (1.13 mmol/L)
 TMB-H (1.25 mmol/L)
 DAB-M (0.0694 mol/L)
Liquid Stable AP Substrates (Soluble Substrates)
 p-NPP (4.33 mmol/L)
 p-NPP(50x) (0.19 mol/L)
Liquid Stable AP Substrates (Insoluble Substrates)
 BCIP/NBTplus (BCIP 0.692 mmol/L / NBT 0.734 mmol/L)
 BCIP/NBT (0.122 mmol/L)
 BCIP (2.31 mmol/L)
 NBT (0.489 mmol/L)
Chemiluminescent Substrate for Alkaline Phosphatase (AP) based assays
 ChemiAP-RK (100 ml, 500 ml, or 1000 ml)
 ChemiAP-MK (100 ml, 500 ml, or 1000 ml)
 ChemiAP-MK Dil
Specialized Conjugates
 GTIG-001 (Goat Anti-Human lgG-PE Conjugate)
 GTIGF-001 (Goat Anti-Human lgG,F(ab')2-PE Conjugate)
 GTIM-001 (Goat Anti-Human lgM-PE Conjugate)
 GTIA-001 (Goat Anti-Human lgA-PE Conjugate)
 GTIE-001 (Goat Anti-Human lgE-PE Conjugate)
 SAAP-001 (Streptavidin-Alkaline Phosphatase Conjugate)
 SAHRP-001 (Streptavidin-HorseRadishPeroxidase Conjugate)
 SAPE-001 (Streptavidin-PE Conjugate)
 SAPE-001G75 (Same as SAPE-001 with modified buffer)
 SAPE-003 (Streptavidin-PE Conjugate)
 SAPE-001NB (Streptavidin-PE Conjugate (No BSA))
 DRIG-001 (Donkey Anti-Rabbit IgG-PE Conjugate)
 DGIG-001 (Donkey Anti-Goat IgG-PE Conjugate)
 GRIG-001 (Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG-PE Conjugate)
 GMIG-001 (Goat Anti-Mouse IgG-PE Conjugate)
 PECD-100 (Stabilizing Diluent for PE Conjugates)
 ALPD-100 (Stabilizing Diluent for AP Conjugates)
 HRPD-100 (Stabilizing Diluent for HRP Conjugates)
Recombinant Proteins
 Recombinant Protein G
 Recombinant Protein G Resin
MOSS-Link Conjugation Kits
 MOSS-Link HRP Kit (for producing Horseradish Peroxidase conjugates)
 MOSS-Link RPE Kit (for producing R-Phycoerythrin conjugates)
For the items checked above, I am interested in the following product information:
Moss, Inc.
(800) 932-6677 or (410) 768-3442
Fax: (410) 768-3971
Sales and Marketing:
(650) 343-4595
Fax: (650) 343-8420
P.O. Box 189, Pasadena, Maryland 21123  U.S.A.
Moss, Inc.
(800) 932-6677
(410) 768-3442
Fax: (410) 768-3971
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